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Running Red Apple

STOCKS & COMMODITIES: This was a rather challenging article to illustrate about volatility of stocks swinging and how much profit you can loose.  Basically, it’s a part of the game.  If you are new at it, it’s guarantee you will have losses.  There was not many words or phrases in the article which were visually stimulating, to tell the truth.  With Christine Morrison ( art director at Stocks and Commodities magazine) guidance, I did this image of an Apple stock running among green fields.  Surprisingly, fonts, which I did by hand, were really fun to do!  Thank you, Christine for the project.

Economy Legs Up

I illustrated the first optimistic article about economy in the US since the stock market crash of 2008.  The Stocks and Commodities art director, Christine Morrison, went along with my playful idea running with the words in the article about economy’s legs up.  I thought that cargo ships on the background delivering goods to US consumers would be a sensible touch.

Pasadena, Deep Purple

Deep PurpleI was in Pasadena, CA, wrapping up our MFA meet up session. The Art Deco buildings were echoing in their beautiful design elements surrounding mountains and palm trees. And here was this guy, looking like a rock star from 1980-ies, strolling down the street. When I asked him if I can take his picture, he lectured me on social justice issues, aliens (from other planets, to be precise) and politics in this country. I was just politely nodding and kept snapping pictures. The dog? A homage to Norman Rockwell.

Strayed: Help Yourself First

Nest TattooTattoo EmbroideryHouse Dress DeathMandatory MotherhoodHelp Yourself FirstBindEve RedeemedSalmon Swim

For the past two years I worked to complete my MFA in Illustration at the University of Hartford, CT. For the final show I created these eight paintings.
The theme was inspired by the social conditionings that shape us as humans, and by the tattoos as permanent markings on our skin.

This thesis idea stemmed directly from two projects I worked on previously.   The first project began as I became fascinated with tattoos and started to draw portraits of people with tattoos about six years ago.  I was captivated with the idea that one can design an image and wrap it around the body like a three-dimensional canvas. The second influential project was the Dream Project that we developed sketches for during our first session at the University of Hartford MFA program.  My ideas revolved around the issues of women’s social conditioning and how it affects their lives.

Having had endless conversations on personal topics with women I met in my life, I can see that certain social issues women are battling with are largely universal.  There is tremendous pressure from society on women to have babies first before even considering a career path and establishing themselves in the workforce.  A pre-defined career path is to be a homemaker, a housewife.  This is widely considered to be a labor of love, without direct compensation, or respect from the society.  There is also pressure from family members to place the needs of others first and to take care of those to the detriment of oneself.  There is a certain stigma attached to women who are too ambitious, or who want to build a career instead of having a family.

Such social conditioning, as I see it, is a permanent mark on women’s behavior, psyche, and decisions.  Tattoos are permanent markings on the skin, and in this permanence, they are related to social conditioning.  In my series of paintings, tattoos are a physical manifestation of the women’s programming.

With this series of paintings, I hope to bring attention to how social expectations of family, religious institutions, and society create conditioning, which influences women’s lives. I want to increase this awareness among women in hopes that it may help them think and make decisions independently, especially to take care of themselves first.  An occasional good laugh at ourselves is a welcome bonus, too.

Shells and Glass Lamp

Shells and Glass Lamp

My still life “Shells and Glass Lamp” is going to be exhibited at the Audubon Artists 69th Annual Exhibition:

The Salmagundi Club
47 Fifth Avenue, (btw. 12 & 11 streets)
New York, NY 10003

Dates of the show: September 12-30, 2011
Reception: September 18, 2011
Time: 12-5pm

I will not be at the opening because I am in San Francisco but hope you’ll have a chance to stop by and see the show.